Is your budget smaller? Or perhaps you would like to re-use your signs or graphics? Or do you need a more portable solution for your exhibit?

No worries! We have products available that you can purchase OR rent for smaller setups.

We provide:

  • Pop – Up Booths
    • Available in round or straight, in 3m or 2m width. With or without lights, a carrying case and counter
    • Great for when you need a PORTABLE setup and if your budget is lower. You can bring this booth along with you to several malls, shows, etc. without the need to purchase or set up a new booth.
  • Roll-up Banners
    • A popular choice for many needs. Malls, Offices, Events, etc.
    • Graphics are available in tarp, fabric (we recommend this! Fabric tends to produce brighter graphics, is light to carry, is washable and does not crease)
  • Do-It-Yourself Exhibit Booth
    • These booths are so easy to assemble, you can do it yourself. (or hire us to help you)
    • They are lightweight (walls are made out of fabric)
    • No tools necessary
    • Can re-use several times as they are easy to set-up and break down
  • Banner Standees / Pylons / vertical or horizontal display walls
    • Can attach tv monitors to them
    • Lightweight
    • Easy to assemble
    • Re-usable
  • Table Top Displays and printed or branded table cloths / covers
    • For times when all you have is a table for your display.
    • Display Large graphics or your logo or brand on the table cover
  • Portable Display Tower / Portable Show case
    • No need to bring a heavy/bulky display tower. These are collapsible and perfect for displaying products in pop-up shops or mobile setups.
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